How safe are you with the air you breathe at home, even with an air purifier?

World-renowned Oxford University Senior researcher reveal: How DNO technology can keep families safe at home — capture, destroy and convert pollutants, bacteria and viruses (even corona virus!)

Studies have shown that indoor air quality can be 10 times worse than outdoor. This means that the air we breathe at home is full of pollutants, bacteria and even viruses!

You probably already know how most air purifiers in the market promise to remove up to 99.9% of pollutants.


Are they really effective?

You see, while the standard air purifier can trap contaminants, do you know that many of them also release harmful pollutants and gas into your home?

A particularly dangerous one is ozone — just by inhaling a tiny amount can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and throat irritation.

Prolonged exposure can aggravate respiratory diseases like asthma, weaken the body's immune system, and may even cause permanent lung damage! Not to mention the current situation of COVID-19.

This shouldn’t be the case…

This is why we have developed this ground-breaking DNO technology, which will capture, destroy, and convert pollutants, bacteria, and viruses known to pass through HEPA13 filters into harmless byproducts such as water and carbon dioxide.

Yes, that includes destroying coronavirus and Ozone!

Introducing HealthyAir Purification System


Suitable for small study room and automobile


Suitable for small office, HDB and Condo


Suitable for large office, clinics and landed property.

Why choose us?

Destroy up to 99.99% of Coronavirus

Keep your loved ones safe by having a purifier that does its job efficiently.

Removing up to 99.99% of the smallest and deadliest particle less than 0.1 microns and coronavirus.

You can rest assured that the air quality is at its best at home without any harmful pollutants and viruses.

Improve cognitive health by removing harmful pollutants

Did you know that multiple studies have shown a link between poor air quality and our cognitive (brain) function?

It may come at the expense of slower learning and poor problem-solving in children. For elderly, prolonged breathing of harmful air may promote dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the long run.


Nobody wants to put our loved ones at risk.

With the help of HealthyAir Purification system, It can remove particulates and toxic indoor gases so that everyone at home is well protected.

Get access to the air quality you breathe at home

How do you know if your air purifier is doing its job of purifying the air?

The HealthyAir Purification system has a sensor that measures the air quality at home, which measures PM2.5 levels, humidity and temperature!

And yes, our air purifier does not produce toxic gases unlike ioniser or UV light!

What is D-Orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) Technology

DNO technology is the result of a collaborative effort by scientists and doctors at the University of Oxford.

Having 8 patented technologies that have been scientifically proven to destroy 99.99% of harmful particles, it will prevent harmful ozone from going back to the atmosphere. In fact, all the particles are destroyed and converted into byproduct of water and carbon dioxide!

DNO technology air purifiers are used in hospitals such as Nightingale Hospital, which cares for COVID19 patients and the Le Louvre Museum in Paris to protect visitors during viewings.

Here’s how it can provide you odourless, clean air with our 4-step filtration process

Stage One:

Primary Filter 

The polluted air, viruses and germs first go through this easy to remove filter that prevents the internal filters from being "clogged" through large particles.

Stage Two:

Medical Grade HEPA (H13) Filter

Our combined HEPA filter uses two medical-grade HEPA (H13) filters in sequence, removes 99.95% of particles at 0.1 microns or larger.

It also traps large particles present in every home, such as pollen, dust and animal dander.

Stage Three:

DNO Filter

An airborne particle that sneakily passes through the HEPA filter is destroyed after contact with our patented DNO catalytic filter.

The technology is designed to destroy all biological and chemical pollutants such as H1N1 Virus (influenza A), Coronavirus 99.99% and 99.89% of harmful Ozone layers!

Stage Four:


What about the airborne particles that escape through? Well, this is exactly why we use an ionizer — sending them back to the DNO filter to destroy the pollutants.

As a result, the air purifier emits clean, safe, and healthy air that families can enjoy, relax and breathe without worrying about harmful gases or health risks.

Remember how it feels like breathing fresh air in nature or parks before COVID19? This is as close as it gets!

Here's our removal rate on the key hazardous pollutants 

Hazardous Pollutants

Sulfur Dioxide

Nitrogen Dioxide

Formaldehyde (CADR) (HA800)

Staphylococcus Aureus

Escherichia Coli

Flu Virus A/PR8/34(H1N1 Corona Virus)

Human Corona Virus HCoV-229E

Removal Rate



437 M3/h





Don’t take our word for it, see the scientific research and clinical studies done

Bacteria and Viruses

Chemical Pollutants




What’s the size of each HealthyAir purification system?


172mm x 160 mm x 72mm 

Weight: 0.92KG


290mm x 290mm x 560mm

Weight: 10.8KG


380mm x 380mm x 700mm

Weight: 15.8KG

Can HealthyAir Purification eliminate COVID19 virus?

Yes, we have conducted studies in a controlled environment that has shown to eliminate 99.99% of COVID19 (Hcov 299E). You can refer to our papers under "Bacteria and Viruses" 

How long will the filter last?

Our catalyst can last for 24 months (8 times longer than activated carbon), it's also 1.8 times more efficient on removing formaldehyde.

Keep in mind though, external environment like dust, particles all plays a part in the lifespan of the catalyst.

How do I know that the Air Purifier is working?

We have a built in sensor that measures the air quality of your home. Once you let it run, it will keep you updated on the current air at home. 

Any warranty for HealthyAir System?

Yes, all our air purifier with DNO technology comes with 1-year warranty

How loud is the air purifier?

Most of our customer appreciate how quiet our machine is considering that it operates at a high level in capturing, eliminating and converting bacteria and viruses.

Here's the 5 different speed that you can adjust (Only for HA500 and HA800):

  • Speed 1: 31.1dB (soft whisper)
  • Speed 2: 39.7dB (quiet office
  • Speed 3: 44.7dB (quiet office)
  • Speed 4: 47.3dB (quiet office)
  • Speed 5: 51dB (normal conversation)

Where can I get the replacement of the DNO filter?

As we are the sole distributor in Singapore, we also provide high quality patented DNO filters for all our air purifier.

About Us

Gaia Meditech is a Singapore-based company that has collaborated with Healthy Air Technology, working alongside with doctors and scientists at Oxford University to innovate and develop new technologies that improve air quality.

Because of the health benefits it provides to each individual, our goal is to always innovate and use our patented technology to improve the health of families and friends indoor. We have now expanded into Singapore to assist more people in breathing cleaner and better air at home.

An investment for you and your loved ones...

By now, you should already know how HealthyAir purification system can allow you to breathe clean, fresh air by removing 99.99% of the germs, including the smallest and deadliest particle.

Health is our most valuable asset, and it is critical that we invest in something that will protect us and those we care about at home — spouse, parents, and children to avoid negative health consequences in the future.

It’s okay if you still have your doubt, which is why we would love to invite you for this free consultation where you can:

Understand better about the harmful pollutants in your house

Know how HealthyAir Purification System

can really help you breathe better

Answer all your current challenges, queries and problem with the air quality at home

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